Today’s waste fractions increases sustainability of green roofs

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Worthless waste that is currently being landfilled or incinerated can be recycled into a raw material for green roofs. This substrate is more sustainable and energy-efficient than existing materials and makes plants more resistant to extreme climate conditions.

Act&Sorb turns this waste into a new raw material that absorbs water better and holds nutrients longer than the clay granules. By using the recycled waste in the substrate of green roofs water drainage is improved, making plants more resistant to draught, and nutrients for plants are held longer.

To launch the new substrate and make it a profitable product within five years, Act&Sorb has added a new member to its team. PhD student Tom Haeldermans (MSc in industrial science) was appointed to perform the research and development. Act&Sorb collaborate with the Centre of environmental science of the University of Hasselt with the aim to further test and improve the new method and prepare it for the market. The start-up raised 400,000 euro’s for this research, funded by Vlaio – the Flemish subsidy fund for innovation – and InnoEnergy, the European company that supports innovative start-ups on renewable energy and connects them into research institutes, investors and other experts.

,,Thus we can produce new resources from waste materials. The idea is there. The next four years it will be developed and prepared for the market,” says managing director Kenny Vanreppelen of Act&Sorb.

Press release Act&Sorb baekeland mandaat

Persbericht Act&Sorb baekeland mandaat

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