Our Tom attends courses in France and Sweden

Intellectual property has no secrets anymore for Act&Sorb after attending InnoEnergy PhD School course  ( May 16th – 18th, 2017)  in Uppsala, Sweden!

Every innovative company and PhD-candidate who is working on innovative projects need to understand the legal issues and challenges that are related to the commercialization of the intended product or research. Therefore Tom Haeldermans attended the InnoEnergy PhD School course on academic innovator law and IP (intellectual property) strategy at the faculty of law at Uppsala university from May 16th to 18th.

The main goal of this course was to form a broad knowledge about the intellectual property (IP) landscape in the so called distance teaching lectures with the help of enthusiastic lecturers and key reading materials. Act&Sorb learned several tips and tricks from testimonials of hardened specialists and professionals in the IP scene.

Act&Sorb attends InnoEnergy PhD School course (April 10th – 14th, 2017) on Energy Economics in Grenoble, France!

The energy sector is transforming greatly because of changing customers’ demands, political regulations and new technical possibilities like renewables. Therefore it is important for anyone who wants to compete in the energy sector to understand how this sector is working and continuously evolving. Act&Sorb’s PhD candidate Tom Haeldermans took the opportunity to attend the InnoEnergy PhD School course on Energy Economics in Grenoble’s school of management, France (April 10th – 14th 2017).

The courses and interactive games explained, among other things, the concept behind the power markets, the way energy trading works and how to deal with new disruptive technologies during sessions like “The new energy game”, “Climate policy and EU emissions trading system” and “Wholesale power markets and price formation mechanisms”.

This course was a great opportunity for both Act&Sorb and the PhD project to strengthen its international network in the energy sector and broaden its knowledge in this field as both are aiming to enter the energy market in the near future.

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