Act&Sorb selected by the European Commission!

Act&Sorb is selected to receive direct support by the European Commission as one of the 15 European highly promising green solutions for a circular economy to scale-up across Europe!

The Commission aims to boost the circular economy amongst SMEs in Europe

During 2018 the European Commission (hereafter: the Commission) will:

  • provide online training modules, accessible for all SME (support organisations) and in-person trainings sessions to a selection of SME support organisations to help establish/improve their activities to support SMEs in the field of circular economy;
  • provide policy advice to a selection of regional authorities to stimulate and/or remove barriers for SMEs to adopt circular economy strategies and practices;
  • and help a selection of companies which offer highly promising green solutions for a circular economy to scale-up their solutions across Europe.

Through these activities the Commission aims to bring assets (e.g. knowledge, networks and tools) to SMEs in order to enable these companies across the European Union to benefit from the advantages of the circular economy. This project may potentially reach over 500.000 SMEs with adopting the concept and boosting the transition of Europe towards a circular economy. Furthermore, the Commission will measure the impact of these activities and collect the lessons learnt from these activities. This will provide valuable insights for circular economy programs for SMEs within Europe.

Since adopting the Circular Economy Package the Commission has observed an increased uptake by larger scale corporates to adopt resource efficiency, eco-innovation and/or circular economy strategies and practices, but noted that SMEs are experiencing more difficulties in adopting such strategies and practices. Via this program the Commission aims to address this challenge.

In total the Commission received over 350 applications for this project. Although the training materials and lessons learnt will be made publicly available at the end of 2018, the Commission made a selection of applicants to receive direct support as part of this project to build capacity.

The Commission will support the following parties:

  • SME support organisations:
  • Association of Chemical Industries of Slovenia at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia;
  • Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A.;
  • Industrial Association of Navarra (AIN);
  • Romanian National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption;
  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Rouen Métropole;
  • Federación de Industrias de Alimentación y Bebidas (FIAB);
  • cd2e – creation development eco-enterprises;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Platform of Latvia (CSR Latvia);
  • Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation;
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development – Bulgaria;
  • Technical institute of Heraklion chamber of commerce and industry;
  • Bureauet Nyborg;
  • Slovak Business Agency;
  • Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (KSZGYSZ);
  • and the AREA Science Park.

Regional authorities:

  • Regione Lombardia;
  • Catalan Government, Department of Territory and Sustainability;
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR);
  • CCDRC – Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro;
  • Regional Government of Extremadura;
  • and Varazdin County.

Green solution providers:

  • FLOOW2 World’s Reset Button;
  • Circular IQ;
  • Plastic Repair System 2011;
  • Searious Business;
  • ITeC;
  • EcoFITT ApS;
  • ITIA – CNR;
  • Fit Things;
  • Anagramma;
  • iPoint-systems;
  • Act & Sorb
  • HydroScan;
  • and Dust Shelter Solutions.

The training, policy advice and support for green solution providers will be delivered by KPMG, Ecofys, CSR Netherlands and Circle Economy.

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