Act&Sorb is the first company to have developed a sustainable and value-adding process for re-cycling MDF. Using a pyrolysis technology, MDF waste is converted into high value activated carbon that helps provide our planet with clean air, clean water and clean soil. (see movie pitch presentation Falling Walls 2017 Berlin)

How we recycle MDF into high-value carbon

  • Collection of production and end-of-life non-recyclable MDF waste
  • Waste is optimised through grinding, sieving and mixing
  • MDF waste is converted in a coal like substance called char
  • During a second burning, the char is converted into activated carbon
  • Carbon is given bespoke treatment in line with customer requirements

 Why the process is sustainable

  • Non-recyclable MDF waste has been successfully converted into valuable activated carbon
  • Excess heat is re-used or converted into green energy

More ways in which we add value

Cutting costs for wood furniture producers and waste collectors - The current market price for disposing of MDF waste is up to €90 per ton. Act&Sorb will take the waste at lower costs, thereby offering a significant cost reduction of their waste stream.

Lowering the cost of making our planet cleaner - Our technology yields at least 33% more activated carbon from MDF waste than from fresh wood. This allows us to bring high-quality activated carbon to the market at a much lower cost.

Using waste to make the world cleaner and greener

Our ambitions go beyond turning MDF into a value-adding product. Our aim is to continue to find innovative and unique solutions for turning all non- or hard to recycle wood waste into high value raw materials and energy. In fact, our aim is to create a world where waste replaces fossil based materials.


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