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Hasselt/Eindhoven, September 28, 2017

MDF recycling solution proven to work in industrial demonstration test.

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ABSTRACT – Act&Sorb recently demonstrated its unique recycling solution for Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) at industrial scale. MDF is a natural product made from wood which has countless applications like kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring, doors, etc.. Every year, over 70 million tons of new MDF is produced worldwide with an average lifespan of only 10 to 15 years, end-of-life MDF is usually incinerated or dumped in a landfill. Thanks to Act&Sorbs technology, MDF waste will be given a new life as activating the carbon which can be used in e.g. wastewater treatment or food and beverage processing. Furthermore, the process of manufacturing this end product is completely self-sustaining with an excess of syngas which can be used for the production of renewable energy or chemicals. The ambition of Act&Sorb together with is long-term strategic partner InnoEnergy is to build the first full-scale commercial installation within the next 2 years followed with a strong international growth.

Act&Sorb is a fast growing and innovative start-up, which developed a unique recycling solution to address the continuously growing problem of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) waste. Act&Sorb proprietary solution converts MDF waste into high quality activated carbon and has recently been demonstrated at industrial scale in Australia. During the industrial tests up to 150 kg of MDF-waste was recycled every hour. With this achievement Act&Sorb proves not only its readiness to bring its innovative technology to the market but also the capability to build a self-sustaining and full scale manufacturing plant. Currently supported by the European Innovation accelerator InnoEnergy Benelux, Act&Sorb is willing to expand its business and is looking for partners, investors and waste suppliers to take part in the build-up of the first commercial plant. The intended plant will be able to process up to 3 tons of MDF waste every hour and will be the first step of Act&Sorb’s long-term ambition to lead the MDF industry towards circular economy.

This technique is not only a world first real sustainable recycling process in the MDF industry, it also has a huge market potential and fits clearly within the mission of wood industry, which strives for a circular economy. Moreover, there is a trend for new legislation that allows for a circular economy in today’s society. In Belgium (Flanders) the goal is for 50% of all threated wood to be sorted for recycling purposes. This makes the solution developed by Act&Sorb even more valuable since it will become mandatory by law to recycle all types of treated and non-treated wood.

“We are delighted by the progress the Act&Sorb team delivered in the last year,” says Nicolas Menou, Business Creation Manager of InnoEnergy Benelux “The recent pilot tests clearly demonstrated the industrial potential of Act&Sorb disruptive technology. It is now time to switch gear and to deploy a large scale plant with significant impact on both circular economy and Energy efficiency. InnoEnergy truly believes in the capacity of Act&Sorb to deliver on its promises and is happy to support the team in this endeavor through the Highway program and large network of partners.”

Kenny Vanreppelen, co-founder and Managing director of Act&Sorb, stated: “Our mission is to contribute to the development and operation of commercial recycling solutions for non-recyclable waste streams like MDF so that they can be used in the highest cascaded and circular way possible. By the recent industrial demonstration test we are ready for building and operating the first commercial MDF recycling facility and scaling our business.”

The ambition of Act&Sorb together with is long-term strategic partner InnoEnergy is to build its first full-scale installation within the next 2 years followed with a strong international growth. In order to fulfil this ambition we are looking for strategic partners and investors.


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For further information please contact managing director Dr. Ing. Kenny Vanreppelen of Act&Sorb, Tel: +32 (0) 11-397280, Mob: +32 (0) 474-533619, e-mail: Also visit:

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