With an almost sheer endless source of wood residues waste and a rapidly growing demand for active carbon on the other end of the recycling process (CAGR 7 to 10%), Act&Sorb taps into two highly attractive markets.

Act&Sorb not only reduces costs for waste providers, but also delivers low-cost, high-quality activated carbon. We’ve designed our proprietary process in such a way that it is completely scalable, ensuring that – however small or big the plant – the payback time is a mere 4 years.

Here’s why a number of innovative companies and major market players are already working closely with us:

• Competitive advantage with sheer endless source of wood residues waste available worldwide;
• Up to 30% cost reduction on wood residues for waste providers;
• Compared to using fresh wood, our process produces at least 33% more activated carbon;
• Payback time of only 3 to 4 years;
• Act&Sorb activated carbon has a competitive sales price per ton;
• World’s first industrial wood residues recycling plant with a focus on MDF– processing over 25,000 ton wood residues;
• Our research doesn’t stop with our unique solution for hard to recycle waste. Working in close collaboration with universities, we aim to develop more innovative recycling strategies for other non-recyclable waste.

Besides building our own plants, we will be providing licensing or build joint ventures for external plants, including service contracts and tailor-made solutions for the furniture manufacturing industry.

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