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"Now that recycling of treated and non-treated wood is becoming mandatory in many countries, Act&Sorb brings its disruptive technology to market. Its industrial potential will have a huge positive impact on the circular economy and energy efficiency."

Nicolas Menou, Business Creation manager EIT InnoEnergy Benelux

Recycling non-recyclable waste

Act&Sorb’s mission is to develop the greenest commercial recycling solutions for hard to recycle or non-recyclable waste streams such as MDF. As pollutants in our water, air and soil are impacting the planet, we’ve created a process that converts MDF into a high value material that helps make our world cleaner. A process that turns one industry’s waste into the other’s raw material.

Creating value
from wood residues

Each year, millions of tons of wood residues is produced worldwide. With a lack of recycling options, manufacturing cut-offs and end-of-life wood residues are incinerated or dumped as landfill. Now, Act&Sorb’s groundbreaking recycling process creates value from bio-based wood residues and helps furniture manufacturers and waste collectors contribute to the circular economy, and comply with increasingly stringent legislation.

Cleaning up
our planet

The need to conserve our resources is driving legislation worldwide to recycle. Newly emerging technical solutions – such as Act&Sorb’s unique, proprietary solution – are setting the pace in recycling more waste than ever before. At the same time, pollutants in the air and water are threatening life as we know it. The Act&Sorb technology turns wood residues into high quality activated carbon that is essential for treating polluted air, water and soil

Our vision is that waste streams should be used in the highest cascaded and self-sustained way possible, before they are used for energy purposes. We want to contribute to the circular economy by finding new recycling strategies for hardly or non-recyclable waste streams.

Would you like to join our mission?

We welcome partnerships with innovative technology partners, as well as waste producers and collectors, raw materials and activated carbon partners, …



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 808505


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